Josefina, The Christmas Cow

Listen to,
Ours is a Simple Faith
by Mustards Retreat
Josefina's Favorite Song

Josefina, the Christmas Cow is a story of friendship between a cow and a cat, whose belief in the goodness of people and the promise of Christmas, is lost and found again, one lonely holiday season.

Josefina, a brown, china cow quietly sits upon the fireplace mantel in the small house of the woman who has loved and cared for her since Josefina arrived in a gift box, one Christmas long ago. Cat, a tiny, ceramic Siamese feline, joins Josefina on the mantel one happy Christmas, a few years later. Together, they observe the woman as she lovingly raises a family, only to watch the children grow up, move away and return only at Christmas.

Then, one dark and snowy holiday season, no one comes. Not even the woman. What happens next will test not only the patience and endurance of the two friends, but their strength of heart and spirit.